How do I place a legal hold?

Only organizations on the Enterprise plan can place a legal hold. Organization admins can place a legal hold on specific content from an eDiscovery search. 

To place a legal hold:

  1. Go to your organization Settings
  2. Go to eDiscovery
  3. Click Start a search
  4. Perform the search
  5. Click Create legal hold

You’ll be asked to name the legal hold, and it will appear in the eDiscovery tab of your organization Settings.

Legal holds stay with threads no matter where they are moved in the organization, so the only way to remove a legal hold applied to a thread is to delete the legal hold. For example, if there is a legal hold in the space called “Marketing Projects,” and a thread is moved out of that space, a legal hold will still apply to it even though the original criteria for the legal hold no longer applies.

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