Requiring SSO for your organization

Only organizations on the Enterprise plan can require SSO for their members. Once SSO is enabled, an organization can choose to require it for its members, so those members can only access their accounts if they sign in using SSO.
You'll need to contact us at to enable this feature.

Once it's enabled:

  • Members of your organization who try to login on Web, Desktop, or on their mobile phones will only have the option to login through your SSO provider
  • If someone has a personal email linked to their account, they will not be able to login using their personal email address
Notes for when SSO is required:
  • People won't automatically be logged out. This will only apply to the next time they try to log in to Threads.
  • People will not be able to join your organization unless they have an email address with your domain linked to their account. This includes anyone invited by email or a share link.
  • We'll be notified if this happens, and will reach out to you to directly to make sure they can get on Threads if needed.
  • The requirement will only apply to members in the organization. It doesn't apply to guests who are a part of your organization's spaces or threads.


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