How do I set up SCIM for my organization?

SCIM is only available for organizations who are on the Enterprise plan. Admins of these organizations can enable SCIM to use with Okta (the only identity provider we currently support) to manage account membership on Threads.
Note: When someone is provisioned to the Threads application in Okta, they will not receive a notification of being added to the organization. However, they will start receiving notifications for any relevant content created in they organization once they're provisioned.

To set up SCIM for your organization

Make sure SCIM is already set up in Okta before going through these steps.
  • On Threads, go to your organization on the left side and select Integrations
  • Go to SCIM and click Enable SCIM
  • Copy the API Token and paste it in your identity provider.
We don't store the API token to help keep your organization secure. If you lose your token, you can regenerate it anytime.
Having trouble? Here are some troubleshooting tips:
  • Initial activation of Okta provisioning in Threads requires being on the Enterprise plan for Threads. You can upgrade your organization's plan by contacting Threads Support (
  • If you modify an email address for a user, the user will be removed from the linked Threads organization, and the new email address will be added as a new member.
  • When users are deactivated in Okta, they will be removed as members in the linked Threads organization. This will not delete their account in Threads, but those users will no longer be able to access to any spaces and threads in the linked Threads organization.
  • Anyone who was previously assigned the app through SSO will not be eligible for SCIM provisioning features. After setting up SCIM in Okta, you will need to remove those users and then re-add them to the Threads application in order to enable SCIM provisioning capabilities for those users.


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