Add default spaces to a user list

 You can add default spaces to a user list so that when you add anyone to that user list they automatically get added to that space.
For example, if you have a 'Marketing' user list you can add all the relevant marketing spaces to that user list. That way when someone new joins your marketing team, you can add them to the user list and they'll automatically be added to the marketing spaces.
You'll have the chance to add spaces to your user list when you create it, or you can always add and remove spaces from the User list tab.
To add or remove spaces from your user list: 
  1. Go to your organization in the left-side navigation
  2. Select Members
  3. Go to the User Lists tab
  4. Go to the user list that you want to add or remove a space from
  5. Go to the ... and select Add or remove default spaces



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