Member controls vs. admin controls

Organizations have admins to help manage membership and the public spaces within the organization.

Here are the controls that members and admins have in their organization.


  • Space management
    • Edit any public space that they're a member of
    • Invite people to any space they're a member of
  • Organization management
    • Link the organization to a Slack workspace

Admins have the all member controls along with these additional ones.

  • Membership management
    • View pending member invitations and organization guests
    • Make anyone in the organization an admin, and make any admin a member
    • Allow members to invite other members and guests to the organization
    • Remove members from the organization
    • Whitelist the organization's domain to make it easier for members to join
  • Space management
    • In organizations larger than 200 people, only admins can add the entire organization to a new space
    • Delete a space
    • Set default spaces for new members
  • Organization management
    • Edit the organization name
    • Change the organization logo image
    • Ability to require security settings for the organization including two-factor authentication, password strength and SAML single sign-on
    • Access to the billing page for the organization
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