Formatting and tools to use on threads

Format your content

Use the inline tool selector to format your content on a thread, comment or reply. You can format your text, add code, hyperlink text, add a photo or video, or add a GIF. 

 To access formatting tools:

  1. Highlight your text or press enter to start a new line
  2. Click on the Screen_Shot_2019-10-28_at_4.26.23_PM.png to open the formatting bar
  3. Select the tool you'd like to use


Add someone directly to your content

When you’re writing a thread or response, use @ to @-mention someone directly. They’ll receive a notification letting them know they were mentioned on the thread or response.

If you're a part of an organization, you can also add a user list to get the attention of a specific group of people.


Add a photo or video

To add a photo or video to your content:

  1. Start a new line in the thread or response you’re writing
  2. ClickScreen_Shot_2019-10-28_at_4.26.23_PM.png expand the format bar
  3. Click on the paperclip  Screen_Shot_2019-10-28_at_4.36.08_PM.png
  4. Upload as many photos or videos as you’d like to appear in the thumbnail. Viewers will be able to open the images individually. 
  5. Give it a title and description (optional)

You can also drag or copy and paste the photo or video into the thread or response.

Add a GIF

To add a GIF to your content:

  1. Start a new line in the thread or response you’re writing in
  2. Click Screen_Shot_2019-10-28_at_4.26.23_PM.png to expand the format bar
  3. Click on GIF Screen_Shot_2019-10-28_at_4.37.41_PM.png
  4. Search GIPHY to find the GIF you want to use
  5. Edit the GIF title and description (optional)
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