What is Threads?

Threads is a platform designed to make work more inclusive by empowering teams to discuss and make decisions at scale.

Getting work done on Threads

Streamline your workflow
Create spaces for anything you're working on, and use tools like mark for follow up to make sure you don't miss anything.
Have inclusive discussions
Our forum design lets you collaborate effectively, stay up to date with all team discussions, and allows for the flexibility to participate on your own time.
Make decisions transparently
Mark a decision in a discussion to confidently align on important next steps and strategies.

Setting up your team on Threads

  1. Create a space for any project or thing that you’re working on, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the beginning, middle or end stages of it.
  2. Invite your team to your space by sending them an email or sending them a link.
  3. Start a thread about a discussion you want to have or a decision you want to make.

Using Threads at your company

If you're a part of a large group or company that is interested in using Threads, you may be interested learning more about creating an organization. An organization will give your team access to administrative and security features that make it easier for all organization members to work transparently and see what’s going on in important spaces, and for organization admins to add and remove members.



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