Seen states

Get an overview of who has seen a thread on the context bar to the right of the thread.

You’ll be able to see:

  • Who is a member of the space
  • Who is directly added to the thread
  • Who is planning to follow up on the thread
  • Who has seen the thread

Your seen state can be:

  • Seen — the thread has been seen by members, but not everything has been read
  • Caught up — the member completely caught up on everything in the thread
  • Hasn't seen it — the member has not seen the thread yet
  • Email Delivered  the member has email notifications enabled and has not yet seen the thread, but an email notification has been delivered
    Each seen state (except Email Delivered) can also have Will Follow Up (eg: Has Seen - Will Follow Up, Hasn't Seen - Will Follow Up).


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